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Gifting Trends for 2021

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Wedding gifts are a fairly classic set of items. Couples usually register for things to help them set up housekeeping together, such as bedding and linens, kitchen accessories and more. With couples delaying getting married and living on their own or together before saying I do, however, registries have gotten more creative in the past few years. They now include cash gift funds for things like honeymoons, first houses or experiences. CLASSIC WEDDING GIFTS Of course, things for the home are always appreciated. High-end kitchenware makes a great group or office gift that makes a strong statement of love and support. Think KitchenAid mixers or LeCreuset cookware, or even expensive small appliances like vacuums. Dishes, china, towels and glassware are also traditional gifts that can hold a lot of meeting. Have pieces monogrammed or etched with the happy couples’ initials and the date of their wedding for a sentimental touch. CASH GIFTS Cash is always a welcome gift to a couple just starting out. But more and more, couples are registering for cash funds that devote the money to things like a honeymoon, a first home together or gifted experiences, such as a weekend getaway, a private tour or a local historic site or park, and more. When choosing these types of gifts, give the amount you would’ve spent on a classic gift and make sure to include a note to the couple. Some online registries allow you to just pay online or you can always opt for the traditional check or cash in a lovely card. SUBSCRIPTION BOXES Give the couple a gift they can enjoy all year with a subscription box tailored to their interests. Once reserved for beers and beauty, subscription boxes now run the gamut and are available at a wide variety of interests and price points. Pick a box that speaks to the couples’ common interests and one that will allow them to celebrate their love for months to come. HOW MUCH TO SPEND Brides magazine says to spend anywhere between $75-$250 as a wedding gift, but that it depends on how close you are to the couple and your budget. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be thoughtful. Less expensive options include a framed wedding invitation or a photo book for the happy couple. •


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