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Your big day is all about the celebrants. But if guests are coming from afar or if you’re having a destination wedding or event, you need to show some love to your guests, too. Put together welcome bags, boxes or baskets to make your attendees feel like they’re a special part of your day. START WITH SNACKS Start off with things to make your guests feel more at home on the road. These can include snacks, candies, bottled water, specialty coffees, or tiny bottles of bubbly to kick off your celebrations. Lend a local flavor to your gifts by choosing local brands. Vendors may even be willing to add a monogram and date to the labels to make your gifts more special. GET OUT Also include travel guides and suggested destinations for guests who aren’t familiar with the area. Include directions to the ceremony and event locations, along with transportation information. You can include tickets to popular local attractions, ideas for sightseeing and a list of your favorite restaurants. Toss in travel-sized goodies like sunscreen or handwarmers for a cool winter evening. PARTY TIME Another clever addition to your welcome boxes is a post-wedding recovery kit. Put in travel-sized bottles of Advil or Tylenol, cooling eye masks, do-not-disturb signs and anything else your guests might need to recover from a little too much fun. DROP A NOTE Get ahead of the game by writing thank-you notes to your guests and including them in the welcome bags. Make the notes special by handwriting them and personalizing them to each guest. Tell them how thankful you are that they traveled to be a part of your festivities. SOWING SEEDS OF LOVE For an outdoor event, consider dropping in packets of seeds or young plants that will be seen on the grounds during the ceremony. You can also include gardening gloves or a small pot with your monogram and the date of your celebration. BOX IT UP When you’re looking for a container, go with something like a tote or box that can be reused. This earns you green points and also gives your guest a memory to take with them after the party’s over.•


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