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Questions to ask before booking a photographer

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Various components combine to make celebtrations beautiful and memorable. Organizers rely on photographers to capture the smiles and moments that helped make their events unique and to ensure the big day is remembered for years to come. Organizers who want to find the best photographer for their big day can ask several questions before making their final decision. WHAT STYLE DO YOU SPECIALIZE IN? Photographers may be able to shoot various styles of photos, but may specialize in a specific type. For example, some photographers specialize in photojournalism, while others may excel at portraiture. Going with a photographer who has the most expertise shooting the style you prefer will help produce the desired results. WHO WILL BE SHOOTING MY EVENT? Certain photography studios have several photographers working under one roof. Just because you meet with one does not necessarily mean that photographer will be on site, unless it is specified in the contract. HAVE YOU EVER WORKED AT MY VENUE BEFORE? Photographers may be familiar with several local venues and houses of worship. A photographer who has experience working in the locations where couples will celebrate might produce the best results, but lack of experience with particular venues need not exclude other professionals. CAN WE SEE A FULL GALLERY OF CELEBRATIONS YOU HAVE PHOTOGRAPHED? According to Brides magazine, unlike an album or a highlight gallery, a full gallery provides a better sense of a photographer’s style and attention to detail. WILL PHOTOS BE COLOR BALANCED AND RETOUCHED? Skilled photographers are capable of capturing winning photos. But photos can be enhanced further in the studio with retouching software to bring out specific effects. Some photographers will polish all proofs, while others only will work on the images ultimately ordered. Confirm retouching details before signing the contract. WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE PHOTO PACKAGES? A detailed price list helps you compare one photographer to another and decide which elements are covered. Additional prints, having a photographer’s assistant, ordering albums for the family members, or ordering a large framed print can alter costs significantly. Explore all prices to ensure you’re getting the best value. In addition, consider how many hours of event coverage are included in the price. WHAT IS THE PAYMENT TIMELINE? Photographers may accept deposits for their services but expect a different timeline of payment. Some may require payment in full before the event, while others may offer a payment plan that includes a final payment when picking up proofs or albums. Photography is one of the essential elements of any celebration or event wedding and helps tell the story of the special day. Asking key questions can help you find a photographer who will produce the desired results. •


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