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5 great reasons to take engagement photos

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During their engagements, couples will make many decisions in regard to their weddings. Wedding planning can sometimes seem like a runaway train of appointments, schedules and deadlines. As a result, some couples do not take the time to enjoy being engaged, which is a special and unique time in their lives. Engagement photo shoots can be a unique way for couples to commemorate and enjoy the months preceding their weddings. Engagement photos memorialize the engagement and provide many additional benefits as well. 1. Engagement photo shoots give couples a chance to connect with their photographers. Booking an engagement photo shoot provides helpful information to both the couple and the photographer. The photographer gets to see how the couple interacts in front of the lens and can determine any insecurities or strengths and weaknesses couples may have. These lessons can be filed away and help make wedding day photos look better. Similarly, spending time with the photographer gives the couple an opportunity to develop a rapport with their photographer. If couples and their photographer don’t click, scheduling an engagement shoot well in advance of the wedding gives couples a chance to find someone else to take their photos. 2. An engagement photo shoot gives couples time to spend together. An engagement photo shoot is an ideal time to spend an afternoon in a special location focusing on each other without wedding planning taking up your time. 3. Photo shoots provide a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera. Professional photographs taken before the wedding enables couples to view how they will appear in pictures. Seeing these photos might help couples grow more comfortable in front of the camera. This practice can help couples temper their anxieties prior to the wedding. An engagement shoot also can be a great time for couples to speak with their photographers about angles or styles they prefer or dislike. 4. The bride and groom have save-the-date or social media photos. Engagement photographs can be used for save-the-date cards or social media postings (check with the photographer for licensing agreements). This can be a great way to spread excitement about the upcoming nuptials. 5. Photo shoots provide a chance to experiment with vivid backdrops. Engagement photography gives couples plenty of opportunities to experiment with different locales, which may not be possible come the wedding day. •


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