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By Mark Schauer

Unlike most military installations, U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground’s (YPG) primary purpose is not to train troops for combat, but to test the equipment they use to ensure it works as it should. With a unique mission, YPG’s funding model is also unique. Perhaps 30% of YPG’s funding comes from an allocation from the Department of the Army to cover overhead expenses. “We have a different model than basically the rest of the Army where we depend on reimbursable work,” said Jeff Rogers, Air Combat Director. “When we’re given our budget, we’re not funded at 100%, so we have to get customers to supplement us.” Most of this reimbursable work comes from other customers within the Department of Defense, but some comes from private industry customers. In recent years, companies from General Atomics to Facebook have conducted testing at the proving ground with the support of YPG personnel. These customers pay all costs associated with their respective testing. “It keeps our skills sharp and current, because they can work with the customers and see the newest technologies coming down the



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