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Dr. Jeremy Curry, Yuma Valley Advanced Pain Management



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Dr. Jeremy Curry, Boardcertified anesthesiologist and Board-certified pain management specialist at Yuma Valley Advanced Pain Management, is the health care professional profiled in this edition of 10 Minutes With. How long have you been practicing healthcare in Yuma, and did you practice anywhere before Yuma? I have been practicing in Yuma for the last 14 years, originally starting as an anesthesiologist at Yuma Regional Medical Center, then opening my current pain management practice. Prior to that, I was in Loma Linda, Calif., and Tucson. What is the philosophy that guides you in serving patients or clients? My philosophy is that patients should be treated like family members or friends. That starts from the moment one walks through the doors of our clinic. My staff is an extension of myself, and our deepest philosophy is to do our best to treat everyone with friendliness and respect. What is something that everyone can do on their own to improve their health? As a physician, I would tell you to eat properly and exercise as frequently as possible. Another thing anyone can do to improve their health and overall happiness is laugh every day. What is your favorite place to be? Besides Yuma, which I consider one of the best places to live, I enjoy visiting New Orleans. My wife and I travel there every other year on our anniversary because we love the town, especially the old French Quarter. Tell readers something about yourself no one would have guessed? Originally, I grew up in Nebraska along the banks of the Missouri River and moved to Yuma in 1983. I attended Woodard Junior High School, Kofa High School, and even Arizona Western College. After finishing residency, I could not think of anywhere else to raise our children, and came back to Yuma. What is your passion, or are your passions? My passion is really serving Yuma. Currently, I am on the hospital district board and my endeavors are to ensure quality and affordable healthcare here, in Yuma. What are your hobbies? I am a collector at heart. I collect books, coins and fossils. It is a side hobby that I find extremely fulfilling and makes me happy. However, my wife complains that we are fast running out of room. What are your favorite foods? I like all types of food but my favorite snack is Cool Ranch Doritos and diet Red Bull. They get me through every day!