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Dr. David Ho’uan, Facia—l —Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Head & Neck Surgery



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Dr. David Hohuan is the medical professional profiled in this edition of 10 Minutes With. How long have you been practicing health care in Yuma, and did you practice anywhere before Yuma? I started practicing in Yuma after completing my fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in June 2016. After establishing my own independent and private practice, I have loved working in Yuma County and serving the health care needs of the community. Although there are many challenges with remaining independent and private, these past six years have been some of the most rewarding in my career. Prior to this, I have worked in Connecticut, Illinois, Wyoming, as well as in Virginia, where I served as an attending at the VCU Medical Center teaching residents. What is the philosophy that guides you in serving patients or clients? We strive to treat patients as if they are our loved ones. That is our overarching philosophy. We want every interaction any patient has with all of our office staff to be compassionate and empathic. In addition, as a surgeon my main goal is to provide evidence-based care using the most advanced surgical and diagnostic techniques for all of my cancer, reconstructive, and aesthetic patients. What is something that everyone can do on their own to improve their health? I see so many patients with skin cancers that result in large defects after removal. They come to me for their reconstruction. I think the simplest thing is to be aware of the dangers of prolonged and cumulative skin exposure. Please use sunscreen regularly, and reapply often. Don’t forget the ears, nose and upper arms. What is your favorite place to be? Anywhere my close family, friends, and loved ones are. We love winter and spring in Yuma enjoying the weather and entertaining with friends. Tell readers something about yourself no one would have guessed? My patients always remark how young I seem, but I think they would be surprised to know my real age. What is your passion or are your passions? I am definitely passionate about deep plane facelift surgery, reconstructive face surgery, and rhinoplasty. Personally, I am passionate about service and doing my best to make a positive impact on my community. What are your hobbies? I really enjoy boating and spending time on the water with family and friends. What are your favorite foods? I love anything my wife makes, and of course all the amazing Mexican food Yuma has to offer.