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We’ve all heard the old saying that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” but it is true that there’s much we can do on our own to maintain good health as long as possible. This issue of Health Connections is devoted to tips for ensuring our health, starting with good eating habits. A healthful diet can help lower cholesterol, one of the major controllable risk factors for heart disease and stroke. “Help Manage Cholesterol,” one of the articles in this issue, offers some tips for making small dietary changes that will have a big impact on heart health. But in the event of a stroke, an early rehabilitations program offers the best possibility for recovery. “4 Steps for Life After a Stroke” explains how patients can go about getting better – with the help of seasoned medical professionals. Another key to maintaining one’s health, of course, is making regular visits to the doctor. “Finding the Right Doctor” offers some valuable suggestions for finding the medical provider who can best serve your needs. Unfortunately but ironically, many of our aches and pains are self-inflicted while we are exercising to stay strong and fit. “Exercise Safety Tips” explains how to avoid improper workout techniques or regimens that lead to sprains, strains and other injuries. The article also offers some advice for getting on the mend once you’ve experienced pain. Dr. David Hohuan, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who practices in Yuma, is the medical professional profiled in this issue’s 10 Minutes With feature. We hope you enjoy this edition of Health Connections. John Vaughn can be reached at jvaughn@yumasun.com or (928) 539-6850.