Health Connections - 2021-05-02


10 minutes with... Dr. Keith Gross, Foothills Dermatology


By John Vaughn Photos by Randy Hoeft

Dermatologist Dr. Keith Gross is the health care professional profiled in this edition of 10 Minutes With. How long have you been practicing health care in Yuma, and did you practice anywhere before Yuma? I have been practicing dermatology and skin cancer surgery in Yuma for the past seven years, having opened my first office in the Victorville area of California about 30 years ago. I have opened other offices since I began practice, and I learned about the need for a dermatologist in Yuma while working at my Blythe office. I had many patients traveling from Yuma to see me in Blythe and decided it was time to bring my dermatology services to Yuma. I am so glad I can serve the Yuma residents who are such a great group of people! What is the philosophy that guides you in serving patients or clients? My philosophy in serving my patients is to always do what is best for them. Whether it’s doing surgery, finding an alternative treatment to surgery, or even leaving a skin growth alone, I strive my hardest to put myself in their shoes and do for them what I would do for one of my parents, my children, or myself. I think it is comforting for my patients to know that this is my approach. What is something that everyone can do on their own to improve their health? For dermatology, that is easy because we can all see our own skin. So, number 1,2, and 3 of what you can do is self-examination. At least once every several months, you should look at all parts of your skin. Additionally, you should come to the dermatologist for a complete examination or if you notice something on your skin that is new or has changed. Of course, the other thing that you should do is apply sunscreen when you will be going outside! What is your favorite place to be? My favorite place to be is traveling with my wife and two sons. I am adventurous and enjoy exploring new places and also returning to others that I have been in the past. We have gone on family trips to all the continents (except Antarctica), with my favorite probably being our African safari. Tell readers something about yourself no one would have guessed? When I was growing up, my favorite TV show was “Get Smart.” In fact in high school, I was elected student body president using the slogan – “Get Smart.” What is your passion or are your passions? I always knew that dermatology and taking care of my patients was one of my greatest passions. But, I didn’t realize how much so until COVID arrived. During the first three months of the pandemic, I was not seeing patients in the office, and I really missed it. Fortunately, I have returned to the office, and I envision that shortly office practice will return to how it previously was. What are your hobbies? I enjoy hiking and going on very long walks. Whether it’s with my wife, sons or friends, I find it a great way to enjoy great conversation and exercise almost effortlessly. I also enjoy doing almost all types of puzzles, with difficult crossword puzzles being my most recent challenge. What are your favorite foods? My favorite food is pizza. I love it whether it is plain or with many toppings.



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