Health Connections - 2021-05-02


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About 25 million Americans, of whom about 5.5 million are children, suffer from asthma. The National Health, Lung and Blood Institute has recently updated guidelines for treatment and management of the chronic lung disease. You can learn more about the new guidance in the pages of this month’s issue of Health Connections. This edition also focuses on topics related to the COVID19 pandemic that has been with us for more than a year. Because of social distancing requirements prompted by the coronavirus, many people have missed the opportunity to say goodbye to departed friends and family members in traditional funeral services. The article titled “Memorialize a Loved One During the Pandemic” offers some suggestions provided by the National Funeral Directors Association for honoring a loved one who has passed away. The requirement to social distance has also exacerbated the feelings of loneliness and depression already experienced by many. Those emotional repercussions of the pandemic, and how to deal with them are the subject of “How to Combat Social Isolation.” Starting off with a nutritious meal is key to one’s performance and well-being over the course of the day, and dairy milk is an important ingredient in not only a healthy but tasty breakfast. Learn some ideas for creating a satisfying first meal of the day with dairy products in “Better-for-you Family Breakfasts.” Staying heart healthy requires knowing and keeping track of your blood pressure. Find out more about how to reach a safe level in “8 Ways to Reach a Healthy Blood Pressure.” Dermatologist Keith Gross, who practices in the Foothills, is the medical professional profiled in this edition of Health Connections. We hope you enjoy the magazine. John Vaughn can be reached at or (928) 539-6850.



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