Dove Hunting Guide - 2020-08-28



Dove Hunting Guide

1. Slice fresh jalapeno peppers in half lengthwise. 2. Fill the cavity of the pepper with cream cheese and place on top of 1/2 of a deboned dove breast, and wrap it securely with a strip of bacon. Secure with a toothpick (soak toothpicks in water first). 3. I cook this on a griddle on a gas barbecue slowly until the bacon is crisp. Some people even add a slice of pineapple before wrapping with the bacon for added flavor. Absolutely delicious! If you don’t want to use jalapenos because of the heat or even cream cheese, bacon-wrapped breasts are great as well. Just wrap the dove breast (I use breast halves) with bacon and secure with a toothpick, slowly cook on a griddle over the barbecue until the bacon is crispy – by that time the breast meat will be done and tender. Such a wonderful taste and so easy! I marinade the breasts beforehand in the Zesty Italian.



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