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INTERESTED IN DEVELOPING some in-house customized training? There are several internal training options that may work for your business. Several of these methods are also low-cost, requiring only staff time and creativity on your part. In return, businesses of all sizes may find these programs lead to enhanced engagement as well as employee skill development. Here are some low-cost training approaches you can try: • Cross-train workers. This involves having employees train one another to do different aspects of related jobs. This provides greater flexibility in assigning tasks, and also challenges employees to learn new skills and diversify their tasks. It can also be highly motivating to employees seeking career development, particularly young workers just beginning to establish a career path. • Train the Trainer Model. Train-the-Trainer is a framework for training potential instructors or subject matter experts to enable them to train other people in their organizations. • Assign mentors. Match new employees with more experienced staff. Mentoring promotes the leadership development of current employees and encourages them to support the productivity and success of new workers. It also increases satisfaction and retention of new employees, who feel more confident and adapt more quickly in their new workplace. • Low-cost community education. Lowcost community education offerings are widely available for very shortterm training on topics such as software skills, health and safety, basic legal knowledge and the arts. Contact your local school district office to find your nearest provider. • Online training courses. Online courses are a great way for employees to learn at their own pace and select from a wide variety of courses, some of them free or at low-cost. • Set goals and measure success. Finally, before you embark on any training or mentoring program, be specific about what you and your employees want to achieve. Use performance reviews to measure competency gaps as well as your employee’s desired areas of improvement. Then put your training goals in place. Information obtained from businesscenter/ ✶ Asthe 21-22 school year ends, we reflect with gratitude on all of the support that has helped our students achieve their goals. Our Yuma Catholic High School family is grateful for the tremendous gifts we have received this year. We are proud to be a part of such a giving community. The Class of 2022 finished strong and set a high standard of achievement. Thank you for helping make that possible. 38 Shamrocks Graduated with Associates Degrees. Allen Alvarez, Alexi Andrews, Salomon Armenta, Ricardo AvilaSanchez, Amaury Barcelo, Alexandria Beauchamp, Henry Benedictus, Maria Bermudez, Bladimir Bojorquez, Kylie Campbell, Jacob Castro, Caroline Centeno, Kitzia Curiel, Kortney Curry, Danna De la Torre, Devin Deupree, Roberto Diaz, Victoria Diaz, Lisa Flores, Dalila Fragoso, Hope Gallemore, Valentina Godoy, Renzo Gutierrez, Joseph Holt, David Hudson, Jennifer Manzo, Sarah Martinez, David McLaughlin, Izak Negrete, George Nicolette, Mia Ochoa Bobadilla, Cynthia Peffers, Dani Raymond, Sergio Rico-Ochoa, Ana Rodriguez-Hoyos, Eric Rodriguez, Giselle Samaniego and Wilson Zhen-Chen. A special note of gratitude for our partner ArizonaWestern College, for enabling our students to earn dualcredit courses on our campus, saving valuable time and expensive tuition costs. The Class of 2022 member with the most hours of service is: Sophia Young with over 460 hours! 113 seniors earned $13,444,541 in awards and counting (93% of graduates receiving scholarships)