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SOMETIMES YOU ARE your own harshest critic. The same can be said about us here in Yuma. We live in a community that is full of support and people who will go out of their way for one another. We have an engaged community whose biggest fault is sometimes forgetting that we need to cheer on ourselves sometimes. I moved to Yuma in July of last year. In the year I have heard a lot of opinions about this community. Most are centered on how much they love it here! But even when the conversations are about how much we love our community, I hear a lot about the things we see as reasons people wouldn’t like our community. Reasons that, to be honest, are a bit nit-picky. Some of the time, when I tell people that my job is to sell Yuma to people outside of Yuma to get them to visit, I get a lot of responses that focus on the negative. I hear, “Why would anyone want to visit us?” a bit too often. Let me give you a hint: When it comes to marketing your community, people want to visit for the same reason you live here. The things you love are the things they’ll love when they get here! And because of that – I want to encourage us to all practice the art of self-love. Instead of asking why people would want to come here, we should be asking ourselves, why wouldn’t people want to visit here? Instead of listing off the things that you find challenging about this community, let’s build our lists of things we find incredible. The truth is, how we discuss our community is the basis for how people outside Yuma discuss it. Think about when you’re in a relationship with someone, and you discuss that partner with your friends. Now, it’s your right to complain about their morning habits or how they are loud when they chew or maybe how they aren’t always considerate about your feelings. But, each made you love that partner, then maybe your friends wouldn’t suggest you dump them. Maybe then they would understand why you choose to spend a night in with your partner than Why? Because a night out with you have been ignoring all the your friends. We Are Your Loc good things! Like Yuma is that how they bring you coffee in the partner. Let’s Do-It-Yourself morning after start talking positive. that annoying routine. Or how they always let you pick Let’s remember the reasons we love this community Destination! date night dinner spots. Or how they know exactly how to and when we talk to our friends, let’s focus on those! make you see the sunshine on the darkest days. Because I think a lot of people in Yuma would rather spend a night in Yuma than anywhere else, and so would your friends. time you say that, your friends see more negative things about your partner and eventually, if that’s all they hear, their opinion of your partner is pretty low. If you were to tell your friends about all the things that