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Question: How did you come up with the name for your business? KYLEE RICHARDS DESERT SQUID EVENT CO. “My husband called me Squidward one day regarding my attitude (so rude of him). Which was eventually used again against me but turned into a joke. Others started to pick up on it and then it got shortened to Squid. With me being born and raised here in Yuma, “Desert Squid” sation starter!” LOULA STEFANAKOS CO-OWNER OF WHEEZY’S “So my sister’s son is asthmatic and so his nickname has always been Wheezy. So my sister Maria thought it would be hilarious to name a restaurant in the Foothills after him. This is also where the ‘70s sports theme came in as well for Aunt Louis(Aunt Wheezy) just wanted a fun family-friendly place to hang out in and create for the Foothills. We love our community and really have been thankful for all the support. Go Wheezys!!” ROBERT SMYTHE, MD UP 2 PAR “Dr. Smythe always wanted to have a Golf theme Medical Clinic. He chose Up 2 Par for a “Double Entendre’’(a word or phrase in French that is open to two interpretations) Golf and Health. Not to mention he loves to golf with his beautiful wife and family. He feels blessed to have the opportunity to share his love of the sport with his love to help people. ” KEITH KNAPPEN MSZS FINE FURNISHINGS "Our business is our kids names. Maya, Sofia, Zuly, Santiago. And the logo was chosen to express our love and loyalty for our family and Yuma Community.” KELLY PADILLA TASTEEBITES “Our Tastee Bites business & name came about a year ago when our teenage daughter Mary decided to do an expensive discipleship training school. I had just received my AA degree in culinary arts from AWC and she had just graduated from Cibola High. Mary and I decided to start a food business to fundraise and we brainstormed name ideas until we came up with something catchy, memorable and fun. We even played with the spelling and the logo fonts. We have been so Blessed by the community’s amazing support since day one. Mary has been gone for 6 months now, currently training at YWAM Albania DTS in Durres, Albania. Please follow our pages on Instagram @tasteebites and Facebook @ Tasteebites. Every order goes towards Mary’s mission journey. We are so thankful for your continued support and prayers during her travels.” SAM FRITCHER BARE NAKED SOAP CO. “We came up with Bare Naked Soap Co after much family “discussion” as the soap is naked of chemicals AND generally you are bare naked when using it!”