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Biz Voices

Ms. Amanda Aguirre Former Arizona State Senator Amanda Aguirre presently serves in the capacity of President & CEO of the Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. and its subsidiary, San Luis Walk-In Clinic, Inc. In 2007 she established a licensed postsecondary vocational training center in the area, the RCBH’s “College of Health Careers”, which has generated job opportunities for over 1,800 individuals. Ms. Aguirre has overseen these corporations which provides employment for over 200 employees. Mrs. Candie Zavala Porches She is the Food Service Director at La Cocina in Somerton, Arizona, as well Instructor at the College of Health Careers. She has been working with RCBH for almost 12 yrs, she brought her experience of 20 yrs working in public schools in the food service department, where she began her career as a dietitian. Elena Rodriguez For the past 12 years Mrs. Elena Rodriguez has been with San Luis Walk in Clinic, Inc. Giving back to the community is a fundamental principle for Elena. Joining these vibrant leaders and business development professionals has been a positive and progressive journey. She now serves as Chief Operations Officer. Mrs. Mariajose Almazan Is the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO. She has worked for RCBH for the past 21 years. Ms. Almazan works very closely with the President and CEO as well as the coordination of activities for the Binational Health & Environment Council, San Luis R. C. Sonora/ Yuma County, Arizona Ms. Lorena Zendejas Serves as the Campus Administrator for the College of Health Careers which is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education as a vocational-training center. Ms. Zendejas is responsible for the planning of healthcare programs for students, recruit students into health careers and promote community healthcare. Ms. Zelenne Esteves Serves as the San Luis WalkIn Clinic, Inc. Billing and Coding Director. Ms. Esteves has been with the agency for the past five years. She is of responsible of overseeing and coordinating the overall functions of the coding and billing department. Ms. llian Marquez Joined this team 18 years ago; she is currently the Finance Director. Ms. Marquez oversees the financial operations and supports other departments within the organization to keep generating the most accurate information for decision making. Mrs. Ines Gonzalez Is the Executive Director for the Behavioral Health Services for Regional Center for Border Health, Inc. She has been part of RCBH team for the last 8 years. Ms. Gonzalez is very dedicated and committed to serving the Yuma community. Ms. Marisol Penuelas Joined this team 5 years ago, she has been with San Luis Walk-In Clinic, Inc. as the Quality Assurance/ Performance Improvement and oversees, the Patient Centered Medical Home recognition, Chronic Care Management Program, Community Paramedic Programs, WWHP, and QA/ QI integrated Committee. “It took me a minute to think through this because there have definitely been many influential women in my life that were mentor’s for me and people I looked up to including Patty Conner, Peggy Garcia, Jill Sloncen and Sue Mixon to name a few. However, it was during certain periods of my life. The one that was always a constant for me was my mom. She has always been a believer in me, as most moms are, but having ran a business herself with my dad, I definitely looked up to her. She has always had creative ideas and a calm demeanor making it easy to talk to her when there have been difficult times in my life from a career perspective, and she always gets me to focus on the issue at hand, to be levelheaded, with a soft heart, a good listener but most of all confident and a strong work ethic. Always giving me little tips & reminders like ‘wear red honey’ whenever we had corporate visitors or clients coming to our facility, which would make me smile but I always would. That woman is Linda Joyce Tacker who I reach out to every single day and not a day passes still when she doesn’t have some piece of advice that I take to heart and into what I do every day in the field of Human Resources. I wish there were more businesswomen like her!”


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