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As we get closer to our return to our regular in-person events, we’ve been getting a lot of questions, so that seemed like a great subject for this issue’s article. If this doesn’t answer your question, please reach out to the Chamber office at Why is the Chamber requiring preregistration? We need to get an accurate head count so we can ensure we have a place for everyone who attends without needlessly purchasing extra. If an event is free, do I still have to preregister? Yes. Because we need to get an accurate head count for space and food and beverage, we need everyone to preregister even if there is no charge to attend the event. How do I preregister? The best way is to log in to the Member Log In area at Once you are logged in, click on Events to get a list of all the upcoming events. What if I don’t have a Member Log In? If you know the person in your company who has the primary log in, he or she can add you. Otherwise, email with your first name, last name, and company name, and once employment with the member company has been verified, Chamber Staff will create a log in for you. How do I use my prepaid punch card / free new member breakfast to register for Good Morning Yuma? If your company has prepaid or free registrations available, there will be an extra field just under Promo Code in the upper right corner of the screen where the attendee’s name is entered. Use the drop down menu in that field to select the discount and a discount equal to one registration will be applied. If your company does not have punches remaining, this field will not appear. Will there still be soapboxes at Good Morning Yuma? Yes, soapboxes will still be available. We are limiting them to 20 per month and under one minute each. They can be done in-person as before or a video can be submitted to be played. The cost is $75 each and includes table space for distribution of materials. Can I still bring flyers / marketing materials to distribute at Good Morning Yuma? We will no longer have bags at the place settings. Therefore, we are limiting the number of flyers allowed. The event sponsor will be allowed to place one flyer per person at each dining table in the middle of the table. Those companies who have purchased soapboxes and the event sponsor will be provided space on one of the display tables around the perimeter of the room where attendees can pick up materials. No other materials may be mass distributed throughout the room. I preregistered but just found out I cannot attend. What are my options? If the cancellation occurs prior to the registration deadline, the Chamber will refund the amount paid. Just notify the Chamber by emailing If the cancellation occurs after the registration deadline, unfortunately, the Chamber cannot issue refunds because the head count for the venue has already been set and payment to the venue will be required. In this case, the Chamber will allow someone to attend in your place. Please be sure the person attending knows the name of the person he or she is replacing to ensure the check-in process at the event goes smoothly.



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