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Q uestion: What did you or your business do differently during COVID? MIKE & EMILY WHITE MELODY CLEANERS “When the Pandemic became a reality our business adjusted! Having the capability to offer alterations is something we do on a regular basis, so we became one of Yuma’s first Mask Makers to provide for the community. We continue to offer dry cleaning and laundry services, and to sanitize garments. To do this we began providing production 3 days a week from 5 to limit our employees exposure to COVID. We participated in the Healthy, Clean and Safe Campaign and asked our customers and staff to wear masks, social distance and use hand sanitizer. We stepped up our cleaning at both of our locations to include sanitizing counters, credit card machines and door handles between customers to ensure safety of the community. We at Melody Cleaners believe it is our duty to do our part to ensure health and safety during this difficult time.” AMBER THORNTON CULLIGAN WATER “Water is and always will be essential. Culligan Water of Yuma navigated the many twists and turns during this past year, while still being able to provide service safely to the customers and businesses in Yuma County. As a woman in business I had to juggle my professional work while also providing support for virtual learning for my youngest child. That meant changing how I network and participate with the business community. I was able to use social media to my advantage to interact with the community and participated in the virtual mixers from various professional organizations.” HOWARD BLITZ FREEDOM LIBRARY “The only thing done differently as a result of COVID-19 is that The Freedom Library now makes its classes available by Zoom in addition to in-person and all Freedom Library activities are now held at The Freedom Library since most venues have very limited seating capacity. The activities are also available by Zoom.”



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