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Supplies 54 Feet of 2×4 (try pick ones that are relatively straight- harder than you think!) Measuring Tape and Pencil, Chop Saw (preferably, if not- a skill saw or hand saw should work fine) Sanding Block and 100 or 120 Grit Sand Paper Damp Cloth (and a lot of it…) Stain of Your Choosing, Rags to Apply, Rubber Gloves, Minwax Finishing Paste DIRECTIONS Step 1 - Start by marking out your two by fours a hair over 10.5?. When they’re all marked, go ahead and chop your 2×4 into 54 pieces! Make sure you have a sharp blade to cut down on the amount of splintering (and sanding!) you’ll have. Step 2 - sand until smooth and no splinters. Wipe down with damp cloth to remove saw dust once finished. Step 3 - You may leave wood pieces as is or stain with a Minwax finish. To stain, work by staining (wiping on with a rag) one of the large sides, plus all the edges in one go. Then, flip it over and stain the final side. You’ll need a large space to lay them out while they dry. Step 4 - When that’s all dry, you can go ahead and apply Minwax Finishing Paste. May use Hemp Seed Oil to seal the wood.