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Books We Love

There’s a terrible smell in the refrigerator, and it’s up to lady Pancake and sir French Toast to solve the mystery. When they find the source, they realize they have to help. This cute story’s rhymes and illustrations make it fun for kids and parents alike.

Hamsters Make Terrible Roommates By Cheryl B. Klein The Case of the Stinky Stench By Josh Funk

Henry and marvin are roommates, sharing a hamster cage together. Henry is struggling with having a roommate, and marvin is completely unaware … until one day, when Henry’s temper gets the better of him. This sweet story looks at the power of words and the importance of communication.

The Creature of Habit By Jennifer Smith

a very big creature lives on an island named Habit, and every day, the very big creature follows the same routine … until a visitor arrives, carrying a very small creature who breaks the routine. This cute tale shows the value of others, and trying something new.






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