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Yuma is an amazing, generous community. It’s easy to find examples of Yumans helping Yumans, strangers reaching out because there is a need somewhere, anywhere – and Yumans are ready and willing to assist. Whether it’s a donation of time, money or resources, Yumans take action. As a result of that passion to help others, Yuma County is home to a wide, diverse mix of nonprofit organizations There are business organizations, social services, education services, crisis and social services, and services specifically for senior citizens. There are veteran nonprofits, health services, active military services, and support groups. And then, there are service clubs, giving organizations, countless special interest groups and more. The list is truly amazing, and a testament to Yumans’ philanthropic spirit. This is our first time compiling this directory, and we’ve spent countless hours researching it. If we missed your nonprofit, we apologize! Please let us know at (928) 539-6800 so we can add you to the online directory, as well as future editions of this directory! Find us online at And to each of these nonprofit organizations – thanks for making a difference in our community!