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The Sports Banquet has been a Yuma fixture since 1987, and our Yuma Sun team puts serious time, thought and effort into choosing the honorees. It’s not easy, because Yuma County’s athletes are terrific, both on and off the field. How do you choose the best out of a group of teens who clearly works hard to succeed? This year was especially challenging, as the COVID-19 outbreak abruptly ended high school sports in mid-March, dashing dreams before they could take flight. The situation was truly heart-breaking, especially for those seniors who lost their last few months of high school and with it, their spring seasons. Now, in May, large gatherings are still prohibited – making an in-person traditional sports banquet simply impossible. So this year, we took a new approach, setting our traditional sports banquet aside and going online to honor these students. It’s a virtual event, held over Facebook Live, allowing us to still pay tribute to the athletes who got to compete this school year. And, the honorees are also highlighted in this special section. These teens have worked hard to hone their skills, striving for success both on the field and off, and – weird year or not – their achievements are still amazing. To each of our student athletes, congratulations!